Personal requirements for a perfect travel bike were:

  • robustness,
  • comfort and
  • a dirt and water unsensitive gear transmission system with low maintenance.

The revolutionary P1.18 gearbox from the former Porsche gearbox engineers at PINION and the GATES Carbon drive CDX offered, together with the robust frame from the VELOTRAUM bike manufactory the base for the nearly perfect travel bike built by Tim Helke and his team at FAHRRAD MEINHOLD . His particular attentiveness toward equiping and designing details results in a great fit and quality craftsmanship that makes me happy every time I roam around with my dReAmBiKe.

Dreambike specifications:

Total weight: 19,5kg (without panniers/bags) / 27,5kg (with empty panniers/bags)

Spare parts and tools:

Coming soon …